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TRIGISTICS State-of-the-art, 24/7 Monitoring Center always has an eye on containers in transit. TRIGISTICS ensures containers are on track and on time detecting and notifying shippers when trucks halt past allotted times and any suspicious activity with loads and in cabins.


TRIGISTICS has the ability through various measures
to intercede and protect shipments
trigistics intercede sos

intercedeSOS – Driver Lost SOS

In case of road emergencies, drivers can use IntercedeSOS devices to request assistance. TRIGISTICS 24/7 Monitoring Center will immediately call the appropriate agency and provide coordinates ensuring the drivers back on track in a timely matter. When trucks are off-course, TRIGISTICS Monitoring Center will send notifications and call drivers for verification. TRIGISTICS also has AI (Artificial Intelligence) in place to address specific unforeseen problems which our systems are programmed to manage and respond to in real-time.

trigistics intercede protect

intercedeProtect - Potentially Stolen Goods or Hi-Jacked Truck

When trucks are off course and all monitoring is turned off or in case of potentially lost or stolen containers, TRIGISTICS Monitoring Center immediately contacts local and state authorities to track, intercede and retrieve compromised containers.

trigistics intercede hybernation

intercedeHybernation - Truck Sitting and Movement

When drivers go on unscheduled breaks, sleep or leave trucks unattended, TRIGISTICS sensors detect movement of trucks and containers, in this case, TRIGISTICS could notify drivers and/or local authorities to investigate the purpose of trucks remaining standstill.