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Security of shipments and containers are TRIGISTICS business, therefore, the first line of defense is; Smart Lock security, which provides full control over shipments in transit keeping shipments secure.


With our Smart Lock, your product is 100% safe
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secureKey - Smart Lock, Perfect Security

Trigistics includes a smart lock, which protects products and shipments. TRIGISTICS smart lock ensures that nobody can open containers without authorized access by the shipper. This gives shippers the power to unlock as per their preset requirements. Smart Locks are designed to access containers remotely in real time via TRIGISTICS 24/7 Monitoring Center or with designated secured NFC keys.

trigistics secure access

secureAccess - Authorities Agency

In case any authorities' agencies are required to inspect shipments, TRIGISTICS SecureAccess has the capability to unlock containers through commands at the TRIGISTICS Monitoring Center while maintaining all security measures. Drivers in case of emergencies, at regulatory checkpoints and any other use cases set by the shipper can use a secured NFC Key. Once the NFC key is used, it is placed in a sealed container for the next use. TRIGISTICS will immediately inform the designated contacts any activities and/or delays, when instructed to do so by shippers.